3d illustration

Simplistic Tech 3D Illustrations


One of our regular clients contacted us with the idea of creating seven add-on 3D illustrations for their website. They needed to be technology based, but feature a human element as well. To tie-in the new artwork to the already existing graphics on their website, we decided to use simplistic designs that showcase what each sub-page was about. The main idea was to use exaggerated tech elements with people managing the data flow, namely "people inside the machine".

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01. Cloud Storage

The concept in this scene refers to backup on the cloud. The concept differs slightly from the final render, however the idea remains the same.

02. Computer Maintenance

The robotic arm was required by the client. We decided it was cool for it to drop the CPU to the motherboard, as the techs wait around.

03. Company

The company office, situated inside a circuitry and RJ-45 connection, signifying contact with the customers.

04. Get In Touch

The client’s idea here was to place a support staff behind a glass wall to suggest transparent communication with the customers.

05. Network Design & Implementation

This one was fun to make.

06. VPN

This concept remained unfinished as the VPN website page was dropped from the project.