3d illustration

Death Star Shield Generator on Endor

3D Illustration from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

In this personal project we decided to recreate the iconic scene from the Episode VI. For this low poly illustration, we modelled everything in Cinema 4D ourselves. We used Redshift renderer, which shines in the night scene version we decided to do as well. At the end we also did a short animation of the shuttle taking off.

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Clay & Final Render

Comparison between the clay and final renders. Redshift makes it really easy to light a scene. Not to mention then lightning render speeds.

Day vs Night Scene

As the movie features both a day and night scene of the shuttle platform, we decided to stay true to the story. Besides, this gave us an excuse to play with volumetric lighting and the other fun stuff of Redshift.

Option with AT-AT

We also experimented with adding AT-AT docked at the platform. The At-AT model was created for another project of ours – The Battle of Hoth.