3d illustration

3D Isometric Technology Illustration


Our team was hired to create a 3D illustration for a tech company.
The main idea was that the scene was supposed to be this hi-tech floor with machines, controls and other equipment.The main elements that needed to be deigned and modeled were a control room, two types of servers, VPN, firewall and a mainframe. Although the overall theme is technology, the look and feel didn't have to be too futuristic.

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Initial ideas and concept explorations

Clay & Final Render

Comparison between the clay and final renders.

During the work process the client came with more in-depth notes, inspired of what they were seeing. We were already adding textures and materials, but were able to accommodate their fresh ideas. The VPN didn’t make the final cut.

A new requirement came in — this was supposed to be a night scene, as their website uses a dark theme. Immediately, this new request meant one thing – glows, glass, reflections and an excuse to use Redshift’s Environment node.

To make it a bit more dramatic, we dug a hole in the floor and opted to have the data flow down to the mainframe instead of straight in. This would suggest more hard working machines below the main floor.